High quality equipment

Anywhere, Anytime.
Providing you with an outstanding product,
creating innovative fitness solutions.

Embossed weight indication
Durable black rubber
Firm but comfortable
Chrome plated steel handle

The Benefits

Through our passion for working out, we developed a brand focused on high quality products; tried and tested by us.

Anywhere workout

Designed equipment to minimize noise and limit wear and tear for your comfortable home gym training.

Healthier life

The world has changed, nowadays being healthy has become a goal, we gonna help you to get there.

High quality materials

Chrome plated steel, ceramic coating, quench polish quench (QPQ), increasing durability and corrosion resistance.

Change your mindset

Awakening the energy present in you, activating your body and making life healthier is the essence of our job.
The stability of mind, body and spirit will result in a real fullness state.

Health and Fitness

The OM yoga symbol present in our brand, symbolizes our concern regarding the body and mind balance.
And our products are developed to be part of your routine as an integral part of your life.

Our Story

Joining knowledge and skills to develop healthier lifes.


Launching our high quality brand products on marketplace


Mission renewal, regarding new world challenge


3D prototype and sample tests

Focused on high performance equipment


Product and market research

Smart Watch

Sports Edition


$349$299 early bird offer

8mm Silver Aluminum Case with Blue Sport Band. Its perfect fit for tracking fitness. 100% waterproof. Buy this limted edition sports edition.

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